What is E-CLC?

E-CLC - Engineering Calculators and Light Converters.

Best calculators:

Convert gram to liters (18100)
Convert gram to milliliter (14800)
Convert kg to liters (9900)
Convert kg to m3 (8100)
Convert tonnes to m3 (5400)
Convert milligram to milliliter (4400)
Convert pounds to liters (lbs to liters) (4400)
Convert pounds to ft3 (lbs to ft3) (1000)
Convert pounds to m3 (lbs to m3) (10)

Cylinder volume in liters online calculator
Hydraulic calculations of water pipelines
Pipe surface calculator

Best converters:

Convert pounds to kg (lbs to kg)
Convert pounds to grams (lbs to grams)
Convert lb/ft3 to kg/m3
Convert lb/ft3 to g/cm3

Engineering calculators:

Calculation of power supply of the apartment.
Calculating the diameter of the fuse wire.
Calculation of the slope of sewerage.
Calculating the area of a room.
Calculation of the circulating water flow.
Calculation of the receiving tank.
Calculation of paint consumption per m2.
Calculation of paint consumption for painting pipes.
Calculation of the volume of water in the pipe.
Calculating the diameter of the water pipe.
Calculation of power for heating the material.
Thermal calculation of the radiator
Fuel calculation calculator
Calculation of chlorine for washing and disinfection of the pool or reservoir
Calculation of the load from ground transportation to the underground pipeline
Calculation of fluid pressure
Program for calculating the density
Convert diameter of сable into cross-section of cable

Mathematical calculators:

Calculating the area of a rectangle
Convert diameter to radius
Calculating the perimeter of a rectangle
Convert degrees to radians
Calculate the cosecant of the angle
Calculate the secant of the angle
Calculate the cotangent of the angle
Calculate the tangent of the angle
Calculate the cosine of the angle
Calculating the sine of an angle
Calculating the length of a circle
Calculation of the volume of the ball
Calculating cubes
Sum of five numbers
Sum of four numbers
Sum of three numbers
Sum of two numbers

Physical calculators:

Calculation of acceleration
Calculation of distance, speed and time
Calculation of the velocity of a freely falling body
Calculation using the Einstein formula e = mc2
Calculating the moment of force
Calculation of the lever of force

Text programs:

Metric prefix online calculator
Calculation of the number of characters in the text

Universal calculators:

Universal weight calculator
Universal length calculator
Universal area calculator
Universal volume calculator
Universal time calculator

Converters of weight:

Convert tonnes to kg
Convert kg to g
Convert kg to mg
Convert g to mg
Convert tonnes to centners
Convert tonnes to milligrams
Convert tonnes to grams
Convert centners to kilograms
Convert centners to grams
Convert centners to milligrams
Convert megatonnes to tonnes
Convert kilotonnes to tonnes
Convert pounds to tonne
Convert pounds to lbs
Convert tonne to ton (US)

Converters of length:

Convert km to m
Convert km to dm
Convert km to cm
Convert km to mm
Convert km to mkm
Convert km to nm
Convert m to dm
Convert m to cm
Convert m to mm
Convert m to mkm
Convert m to nm
Convert dm to cm
Convert dm to mm
Convert dm to mkm
Convert dm to nm
Convert cm to mm
Convert cm to mkm
Convert cm to nm
Convert mm to mkm
Convert mm to nm
Convert mkm to nm
Convert miles to kilometers
Convert miles to meters
Convert miles to decimeters
Convert miles to centimeters
Convert miles to millimeters
Convert miles to micrometers
Convert miles to nanometers

Converters of area:

Convert km2 to ha
Convert km2 to m2
Convert km2 to dm2
Convert km2 to cm2
Convert ha to m2
Convert ha to dm2
Convert ha to cm2
Convert ha to mm2
Convert m2 to cm2
Convert m2 to mm2
Convert cm2 to mm2

Converters of volumes:

Convert km3 to m3
Convert m3 to dm3
Convert m3 to liters
Convert m3 to cm3
Convert m3 to ml
Convert m3 to mm3
Convert dm3 to liters
Convert dm3 to cm3
Convert cm3 to mm3

Converters of metric prefix:

Convert MF to F
Convert MHz to Hz
Convert MA to A
Convert Mh to kh
Convert MH to kH
Convert MT to kT
Convert MWb to kWb
Convert MN to N
Convert mTl to Tl

Other converters:

Convert g/cm3 to kg/m3
Convert kgf/cm2 to MPa
Convert m3/h to l/s
Convert kN to tonnes
Convert km/h to m/s
Convert MPa to bar

Tables of densities:

Gas density table.
Tables of densities of all materials.

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